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6 Manufactured Home Myths and Facts


Back in the 70s, trailers weren’t really homes but rather a way for some struggling folks to get a roof over their heads. It was last ditch, last stop, no forward motion. Almost 50 years later, there’s been a reinvention so dramatic, that the product name has even changed from mobile homes to manufactured homes. Sound nice? It will sound even nicer, once you understand the new product and lifestyle that it offers. It’s one of the best reinventions that nobody has heard of yet.


6 Manufactured Home Myths, Corrected.


  1. It’s not a trailer. It has no wheels. It doesn’t move. Manufactured homes are as secure as a conventional home sitting on a foundation. It’s not going to blow over.
  3. Manufactured homes are high quality and factory built now, just like almost 1/3 of all homes today. Why? The quality controlled, federally regulated, indoor manufacturing process delivers a better product (home) at a lower price.
  5. The same stuff that goes into building a home or apartment is used in manufactured homes; 2X4 construction, steel doors, dual pane vinyl windows, upgraded cabinetry and lighting, central heating and air conditioning. Again, we are talking high quality homes.
  7. Trailers are in trailer parks. Manufactured homes are in modern, professionally managed communities. No, it’s not a sketchy collection of neighbors, but a real community with tons of benefits. Professionally managed communities have 24-hour on-site maintenance, security and various perks which may include dog parks, pools, clubhouses, playgrounds. They also have fun community events that are free for neighbors. It’s all about great relationships and a fun lifestyle. Yolo, as they say.
  9. Manufactured homes are very green. Trailers were energy vampires. Today’s homes are efficient, have modern appliances and super-efficient AC and heating units - so they cost less to live in than older apartments or homes and, of course, trailers.
  11. You can OWN a manufactured home for less than renting an apartment. As home owners, your monthly payments will actually be lower than monthly rent, right away. And, you get a bunch of great perks that apartment dwellers do not, including appliances, driveways, yards, privacy, pet friendliness, 24 hour maintenance, community perks and events and .... QUIET!


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