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The challenges we're all facing


If you’re discussing the challenges around growing MH property investment value, you’re grappling with how to solve the infill and obsolete homes replacement problem.  With vacant lots and $100B of pre-1980s inventory dotting the landscape, the problem is pervasive.


Until now, there has been no third-party management solution or holistic financing solution to deliver on this massive need. In fact, both property management services and financing solutions have failed the industry because they’ve failed to address the future.


Consequently, the surge of investor dollars flowing into the industry has not driven a related spike in new home sales and property values, in many cases.  Cap rate compression has had more to do with market exuberance than improving property fundamentals where new homes are not part of the strategy.  Those owners who have not had access to financing or built the requisite digital marketing and sales skills have been left out in the cold.


Communities rife with opportunities to build value by bringing in new homes are not just stuck, they’re in decline.


We’re here to help


We’re offering our New Homes Program for MH communities because we truly believe we have value to share. For those seeking a ‘New Homes Program’ within the context of a broader management need, we also offer Third Party Property Management.  Humbly, we’ve made the mistakes. We’ve built the skills and technology, unlike any in the industry. We’ve cracked the code on home financing. Now we’re experts. We’ll share.


We’re Disruptors.


Four Leaf Properties is a top 20 owner/operator of MH communities and we’ve taken a different path.


  • When others abandoned MH financing, we got in. We built our own Mortgage Loan Originator, First Choice, and put loan processing all online, making it more accessible and reducing processing time (3-5 days) for resident loans.


  • When MH retailers failed, and the flow of new homes into communities dried up, we ramped up home buying, direct from the manufacturer.


  • When “rent, rent, rent” was the only path to drive occupancy, we shifted to a “home sales” model.


  • When newspaper circulars and drive-bys were the staple to find new residents, we built a digital marketing platform including paid and organic search, social media, internet listing services, email, CRM and the most interactive website in the industry.


  • When leaders in the industry declared MH as a “land” business, we rejected that and launched FLPLife, our Resident Lifestyle Experience. MH Community Management is a “service” business.


The Solution


We’re offering our ‘New Homes Program’ for MH communities struggling with infill and/or obsolete home replacement. It’s a set of services that delivers home financing and expert marketing and sales, powered by our FLOhome digital platform.  We also offer options to help you manage risk.



Contact Us for aFREE 1 Hour Consultation’ to learn about the impact of our ‘New Homes Program’ on your future.



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four Leaf Properties offers family-friendly living, with Beautiful and affordable homes in Safe and secure communities.


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