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WATCH VIDEO: Worried about what happens if things change after you buy a manufactured home?

WATCH VIDEO: Afraid to apply for credit to buy a manufactured home? We can stop the emotional turmoil.

Financing a Manufactured HOME


When you decide to move, one of the major considerations is money.  A good decision begins with a quality home at a great price.  We will help you find the best home that you can afford when buying or renting.  We'll assist you with the credit application process and help you get the most competitive loan—even if you have struggled financially in the past.  Through our exclusive relationship with First Choice, we can bring you together with a company with one of the highest application close rates in the industry.  Historically, over 60% of their applicants have been approved to purchase a home.


Four Leaf Advantage

— Affordable new manufactured homes at 30-50% off retail price. Own for less than Renting

— Quality built homes that cost less to maintain and hold their value better over time

— Safe, growing, professionally managed communities that make homes more valuable at resale

— One stop shopping for multiple credit options through a single application process

— Faster application process with local, dedicated employees working with you

— Single application process combines residency approval and financial approval at one time

— Exclusive relationship with First Choice, a lender with one of the highest application close rates in the manufactured housing industry



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