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WATCH VIDEO: Worried about what happens if things change after you buy a manufactured home?

WATCH VIDEO: Afraid to apply for credit to buy a manufactured home? We can stop the emotional turmoil.



When you decide to move, one of the major considerations is money.  You need an awesome home at a great price.

We'll assist you with the whole process home buying, safely and touch free.  We’ve got a free credit application process that can be done 100% online through our exclusive relationship with First Choice, a home lender.


Where to get Financing to Buy a Home?

  • Option to buy a home with financing from any bank or credit union of your choosing.
  • Pay cash for your home.
  • Apply for financing from First Choice lender, on our website or in our community offices for FREE.






Benefits of First Choice Lender

  • Financing option is available in-house, right at our community offices or our website.
  • 100% safe and touch-free online home purchase from initial application, processing and closing.
  • FREE application.
  • Guaranteed response on application in 24-48 hours.
  • Fast move-in within 4 days (from application to getting your keys)
  • Approve many loans, even for folks who may have struggled financially in the past.


When Should You Apply?

Great question. The simple answer is ‘right away’.

It’s smart to apply even before you have made final decisions on whether to buy a specific home because it gives you advantages.


  • You’ll know what you can afford ASAP.  You don’t need to have chosen the exact home that you will buy. Instead choose any home in a price range that feels comfortable.  Your application results will tell you if you are approved for that amount, a greater amount or less.
  • You’re guaranteed an answer on your application in 24-48 hours.
  • You’ll be on the ‘hot list’ and ready to take advantage of any promotions or new home arrivals, first. And, you can lock in any current promotion for a period of time with an approved application and a 100% refundable deposit.
  • You get it out of the way so you can relax.


How does the Process Work?

If you choose to apply for financing through First Choice, on our website or in our community offices, here’s what you can expect.  We’ll walk you through it and be at your side to help. That means 100% online processing or safe touch-free processing in our community offices.

We are working for you!


  • Choose Your Dream Home
    • Pick a home online through virtual home tours on our website or on our Youtube channel. You can also visit us for touch-free self-guided tours of the homes. Either way, no need to select the EXACT home that you will purchase in order to apply.  You can make changes after your application is submitted.


  • Apply without Fear
    • You’ll fill out an application on our website or in our offices.  It takes about 15-20 minutes. It’s free.  Best yet, we can “hold your hand” to make sure you are comfortable.


  • Manager Advocates for You
    • When completed, the application will first be sent to managers right in the community office.  You may already know these awesome folks and they are your advocates.  They will go through it with you to make sure that it’s all complete and adds up before it goes to First Choice.  And, these Four Leaf team members have an exclusive relationship with the First Choice lenders.
    • If approved, we’re off and running. If not approved yet, our Four Leaf managers can help you work through more options.


  • Send Over Documents
    • After approval, we will collect some documents that can be electronic or paper based.


  • Let’s Close, touch-Free!
    • Now, we are ready to close. Closings can be done safely in our offices or electronically through Docusign.


Welcome to the Safety and Security of Your New Home. OWNERSHIP ROCKS!




Q&A  ~ Financing a Manufactured Home.

What’s the Four Leaf Advantage?

  • Affordable new manufactured homes at 30-50% off retail price. Own for less than Renting.
  • Quality built homes that cost less to maintain and hold their value better over time.
  • Safe, growing, professionally managed communities that make homes more valuable at resale.
  • Ability to build credit with a starter home in an awesome community. Ownership will strengthen credit history providing a launching point for the future.
  • Ability to choose a more affordable home in a safe and fun community for downsizers or snowbirds.
  • One stop shopping for the perfect home and a simple financing process.
  • Faster application process with local, dedicated employees working with you. Guaranteed 24-48 hour processing.
  • Exclusive relationship with First Choice, a lender with one of the highest application close rates in the manufactured housing industry.


Should I buy a manufactured home or rent an apartment?

The decision to purchase a home is a personal one with many factors to consider. One of those factors is money. When you rent, monthly rent payments typically rise 5-9% every year. Monthly home payments for owners stay the same year after year. In addition, when you move out of an apartment, you have nothing of value for rent dollars spent. With home ownership, you have something of value to sell when you choose to move out. As a result, buyers often spend less money and end up with a valuable asset.


Home ownership can also help improve your credit rating. In fact, making consistent and timely payments on a home loan is one of the best ways to improve your credit rating. That improved credit can help you get credit cards and make other purchases. Paying monthly rent does not improve your credit score.


Buying a home in a community with other home owners gives residents a more stable place to live where they can build relationships and create security for their family and home investment.


Why choose a manufactured home community when downsizing?

Downsizing has become popular for retirees, empty nesters and even some families looking for a simpler life with more financial freedom. Many people who are downsizing opt for Manufactured Home communities because they offer great value for a safe and friendly living experience.


Today’s manufactured homes are high quality homes that offer both ample space and luxury features; for example: granite countertops, mosaic backsplashes and walk in closets. These homes are professionally designed with modern floor plans.  New homes also offer energy efficiency with heating/cooling, insulation and appliances.  Manufactured Homes are typically priced 50-60% lower than traditional homes and have lower utility and maintenance costs.


Manufactured Home communities often provide lifestyle benefits of being close to a lake or beach. Others have areas of the community that are geared toward seniors, providing opportunities to socialize and get to know one another, building valuable friendships.  If you are looking for safety, friendship and affordability, these communities are right for you.


Why choose a manufactured home for a starter home?

Buying an affordable manufactured home in a quality community can be a very smart choice for folks just starting out. Manufactured homes are gorgeous, energy efficient and massively less expensive than stick-built homes. Financing to purchase a manufactured home may also be more attainable with a simpler underwriting process that differs from stick-built homes. Manufactured home ownership will have a positive impact on credit scores, opening possibilities for other home purchases in the future.


Will I get a good deal on a home with Four Leaf Properties?

Four Leaf is a large buyer of new Manufactured Homes in the United States, so we buy direct from our manufacturer and pass on huge volume savings to our customers.  Our homes are sold every day at a 30-50% discount off their retail prices. We can help you compare the “blue book” price for our homes against the actual purchase price as a guarantee of that savings.


Will my Manufactured Home increase or decrease in value over time?

In today’s market, high quality Manufactured Homes in well managed communities maintain value for longer periods of time. Based on federal regulation of quality standards and new best practices in Manufacturing, Homes are considered a 50-year asset. While resale prices for homes may be higher or lower than the original purchase price based on many factors, the resale market for used homes is extremely strong and very vibrant. The demand for used homes far exceeds the supply.


Can I get a loan for a Manufactured Home with my credit problems?

Even with a history of credit problems many applications are approved. It is possible to apply for credit online through the First Choice website (our financing partner), or seek financing from other lenders of your choosing. Some folks also choose to pay cash.


Can I rent to own a Manufactured Home in the community?

It is possible to begin life in one of our communities as a renter, and then become an owner. Most customers, however, find that buying an affordable home is often within their reach when looking at costs with our communities. In fact, rental payments are often quite a bit higher than payments on an owned home.


Still have questions?

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Four Leaf Properties offers family-friendly living, with beautiful and affordable homes in safe and secure communities.


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four Leaf Properties offers family-friendly living, with Beautiful and affordable homes in Safe and secure communities.


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