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What are the benefits of living in a manufactured home community?

When you buy a home in one of our Four Leaf communities, you are buying into a lifestyle. It’s a totally different experience than renting an apartment or living in a rental community.


  • You get your own space – room to walk the dog, play with the kids in the yard, sit and watch the sunset on your porch.
  • You are buying safety and security, with real neighbors who care about one another and watch out for each other.
  • You get a full-time, onsite management staff and a maintenance team who are there to handle those little issues that pop up from time to time. These are people who you can trust, and people who genuinely care about you and the success of the community.
  • In addition to the on-site, full time manager, we also provide a hot line number where you can reach our corporate management team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Are manufactured home communities safe places to live?

  • Safety and security are our top priorities because it’s the foundation of a great living experience. Safety is driven by our commitment to finding good neighbors. As part of our one-step application process that allows folks to apply for credit, we also screen for anything detrimental to our property living experience. We conduct background checks that screen for any criminal record, dangerous pets and more.


  • Another factor that impacts safety is the on-site professional management team that we have at each and every location. We only hire reputable, responsive and caring staff that are tasked with making our communities desirable places to put down roots or take life easier in retirement. The managers are in charge of security, making sure that only authorized visitors enter the community. They are in constant communication with residents and even coordinate community social events. The residents get to know others and build relationships. All of these factors create a safe and secure place for both families and seniors.


  • Finally, it’s important to remember that unlike apartment complexes - where people tend to move around more - Four Leaf recruits owners who plan to stay. In many cases they are owners who know that their home (investment) has more value if it is in a safe and desirable place to live.


Are the communities family friendly?

Our communities are secure and friendly places to raise families. Many of our residents want to put down roots in a place where they have a yard, a playground or a place to walk their dog. They want to get to know their neighbors and build friendships with our staff. Our managers are professionals and are held to high standards to create an environment where residents ‘love where they live.’


How should I choose a Manufactured Home Community?

Choosing a manufactured home community is like choosing a good neighborhood. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.


Checklist for Choosing a Community:

  1. Security. Is the community a safe place to live?
  2. Does a reputable company own and operate the community?
  3. Does the company that owns and operates the community have manufactured housing expertise?
  4. Is the community growing? Are new residents moving in?
  5. Are new homes being brought in and sold in the community?
  6. Is there a professional on-site manager tasked with making it a great place to live?
  7. Is the community in a good location relative to work, shopping and entertainment?


Who takes care of the property when you live in a manufactured home community?

All of our manufactured home communities have on-site maintenance. That is rarely the case when living in an apartment building. Residents enjoy 24 hour emergency support for issues that arise such as a broken water heater. Other services such as snow removal, landscaping and lawn mowing are provided in some communities for a fee.


What manufactured homes do you sell?

The model homes that we sell in all of our properties contain custom-selected finishes and materials. In purchasing thousands of homes, we have identified many key features and attributes that are critical to maintaining the quality and longevity of a home. All of those attributes are built into every model home, and include combinations of cabinetry, flooring and fixtures that fit a very select criteria. As a result, each of our model homes is custom-ordered.


Are manufactured homes high quality?

Manufactured homes today must be built to federal HUD code building requirements, which include specific construction and design elements. Throughout the manufacturing process, quality control steps and inspections are conducted including tests for outlets, exterior quality, plumbing, interior features and more.


According to the Manufacturing Housing Institute, “Every manufactured home bears a label certifying that the home has been designed, constructed, tested and inspected to comply with the federal standard.”


What are some features of today’s new manufactured homes?

Today’s manufactured homes are nothing like those of the past. Advancements in manufactured home technology and sophistication are incredible. Examples include the following:

  • Custom kitchen cabinetry, which includes a variety of mixed wood tones, through the kitchen and living areas
  • Mosaic tile backsplashes
  • Oversized islands with nestled seating
  • Oversized master closets
  • High-efficiency, upgraded appliance packages


Where can I go to see the manufactured homes? Are they at my local Four Leaf Properties community?

Our communities have new homes for sale that are already on site. These are spec homes that are ready for move in. We also have one or more models on site at each community. If you like the model home and décor, you can purchase a fully-staged home that looks exactly like the model. If you prefer, you can tour the homes and work with a leasing agent to select other custom finishes and upgrades. Our communities do have resale homes if those are in your budget.


How quickly can I choose a home and move in?

You are eligible to close on your home and move in three days after your application is approved.


How do I get started?

First, take a look at our properties at Once you have selected a good location, complete the credit application online, right from our website. Once approved, you can look at the home floorplans and options, again right on our website. Or, you can choose to customize the models that we offer to suit your style. Four Leaf properties also lists existing homes for sale on the website if you want to choose an existing home. In any case, we welcome you to come into the sales office to see some homes and answer questions.



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