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Funding Sources

Four Leaf will share expertise on our financing solution to bring in new spec homes and extend loans to future resident buyers. You’ll understand our financing solution, compared with other programs that help you buy new homes. We’ll review cash outlay, rates, fees, and options if repos occur. We’ll talk home sales vs. rental model and the impact on cash flow.  And, we’ll explore our lending process for resident home buyers.


Financing (MLO)

Our financing solution gives access to our mortgage loan originator, First Choice. First Choice can finance your new spec homes and offer loans to resident buyers with all types of credit scores. In addition to competitive rates and low fees, First Choice gives your future residents access to an online credit application, processing and closing, as part of our proprietary FLOhome platform. The result of our scoring and greater speed is more homes sold.


New Homes Plan

Four Leaf will assist property owners in the market-driven selection of model homes, including specific guidance on manufacturer selection, floorplans, high impact upgrades and home pricing.  Based on cash flow needs and market conditions, we’ll advise on order quantity and the preparatory steps for lot configuration; blocking, HUD, municipal.


New Homes Maintenance

Four Leaf will assist property owners in identifying local contractors for home inspections, new home preparation, setting, utility hook-up and transportation. Ensuring operational effectiveness, we’ll deliver staff training including processes, procedures, forms and our 28-point checklist to speed the home to market readiness.



Four Leaf Properties’ proprietary digital platform to get your community online — marketing, sales and resident home financing.


Digital/Traditional Marketing Plan

Four Leaf will create a customized digital marketing plan consisting of online advertising, local outreach, social media engagement and referral programs geared to the target audience for the community. Powered by our proprietary FLOhome platform, we’ll digitally market your homes, offer virtual tours, capture leads electronically and continue marketing to non-buyers via email.



We’ll train your staff on effective sales approaches and message delivery via phone, on-site tours, financing and ongoing communication.  Four Leaf will work with the sales staff on our 10-point home tour approach, including hotpoint cards, sales collateral and more. Our FLOhome system will capture sales data for better predictability and insights into daily sales performance.



Four Leaf managers excel in their field. They’re not transactional, but business people helping you gain a deeper understanding of how to connect your local target customer to the right homes at the right price.   Our managers are focused on how to capture value by bringing new homes into the community, cost effectively, managing cash outlay and risks. And, they’re people who will care about your residents and your business.


Ongoing Staff Training

Four Leaf University provides a wealth of applied training modules for marketing and sales, from basic outbound marketing to more sophisticated online, social media and on-site sale experience. Training is conducted incrementally and can be catered to the specific needs of each individual or team.


Management Insights and Reports

Inbound leads will be tracked and aggregated from all sources, creating a prospect database for ongoing marketing communication. Reporting on those leads will be provided in the digital marketing and sales summary reports.


Daily Tasks

Four Leaf will guide daily tasks related to operations, marketing and sales and financial management.  Performance will be measured and results available on-demand via our FL Executive Dashboard.


Resident Relations

Four Leaf will create a customer-focused culture, based on professional management principles, to help the community thrive.  Safety and security, town hall meetings, event planning, and resident communication tools build trust and “ownership” in the community.


Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulatory requirements is fundamental to community success. Four Leaf managers are trained and certified, where appropriate, in the following areas; lease compliance, home titling, fair housing, business licensing, private and public utility, HUD/home setting, property taxation, health department.


Home Inventory Management

Leveraging Four Leaf Properties’ online inventory management system, we’ll improve visibility to home status, helping you reduce cash flow and reduce time to market for rehabbed homes


Infrastructure Management

Expert managers will conduct ongoing property assessments and manage related large and small infrastructure projects critical to the success of a community.  Our in-house staff has detailed knowledge of water, sewer, plumbing systems, road repairs and other infrastructure specialties. Where needed, Four Leaf will vet, hire and manage contractors, including billing and reconciliation.


Personnel Management

Four Leaf will provide regional management to oversee recruiting and compliance.  We’ll oversee payroll and employee benefits, where applicable.


Home Rehab

Home rehab will be professionally managed with a focus on profitability and speed to market.  Additionally, resident work order completion will be tracked and measured with targeted success metrics.


IT Systems and Support

From simple vendor invoicing to more complex property and home accounting, our operational processes are 100% paperless and integrate seamlessly into any windows-based environment.  Our application suite was built for MHC operations and supports critical online dashboard reporting for timely decision-making.



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